Donation Drives

Donation Drives & Collections

We run donation drives for vulnerable and homeless women. Following our workshops we acknowledge a need for sanitary items to be funded / supplied in schools.

Therefore donations received will be distributed to schools we are linked with as well as No Recourse to Public Funds families, who are of low income.

We have an exciting campaign coming in September 2018..... #1004100

If you are unable to attend, you still can support us and donate via our Go Fund Me

Completed donation days & Donations:

July 2017- Southwark - Donation day held at Southwark head office and 2 smaller sub offices. Collecting over 2,500 pads and over 1,500 tampons plus other feminine hygiene products. We learnt so much from this experience!

August 2017 - No Recourse to Public Funds Donation - Donated to Southwark Council providing families in Southwark with NRPF with the option of free sanitary products

September 2017 - Distribution day - Following up on recent connections, 300 Periodical Diary Packs (PDP) were delivered to schools and referral units in East London

November 2017 - Southwark - Donation day, where over 1400 individual menstrual products were donated.

December 2017 - Homeless Charity donation - to Woolwich Common Community Centre, adding sanitary items to rucksacks that where given out on the day to those in need

March 2018 - South Bank University collection -  Donations collected at the University over International Women’s week (540 individual items) and presented to us following our talk to their students.

March 2018 - Collection of sanitary products provide by Indian Women in London (IWIL living through giving) Group, who donated just shy of 160 sanitary items. We are ever so thankful!

April 2018 - Youth Workshop  / donation - Teen Workshop with girls from Ashton Jazz Academy, we also donated Sanitary products for their upcoming residential trip.

May 2018 - Primary School Donation - to Croydon Primary school for Years 5 & 6. Also had great discussion about education and distribution practices.

July 2018 - Workshops / Donations - Over 2 days we carried out workshops with Year 5 & 6 girls and donated Sanitary products to the School.

September 2018 - Charity / Food bank Donations - To Christians Against Poverty, adding our sanitary products to their foodbank in Southwark.

October 2018 - Conference Donation - to Lewisham Council Care Leavers 1st Annual Conference.

November 2018 - BAME Festival - delivering a workshop on Embracing your Period

November 2018 - #TamponTaxi - delivering sanitary products to a recovery centre 

November 2018 - School donation & Brixton Soup Kitchen - donating to a school that was also collecting food for a homeless chari so, we donated additional sanitary products for their trolley 

#1004100 Campaign

#100for100 has arrived!

Our mission is to contribute to the eradication of Period Poverty!

To meet the need we have launched a campaign to donate 100 sanitary wear items to 100 schools.

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